Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans Artist

Caroline Evans is a former educationalist who, since retiring, has been able to focus on developing her interest in creativity. Always preferring to work out of doors, Caroline is fascinated by landscape, where she seeks to find the unusual and be able to respond to it in an expansively dynamic way.

Her current research, explores the place of the Romantic Sublime in the contemporary world. Through researching the origins of this movement in the 18th Century, she has investigated the genre by responding to the landscape of East Anglia. The resulting work challenges pre-conceptions of the countryside in an ongoing debate around the politics, history, culture and environmental issues of our time.

Caroline explores the locality through mark making, photographic imagery and the collecting of objects and detritus. These discoveries then interrelate with one another forming an ongoing dialogue, the outcomes of which are evident in the visual depictions created. Much of the making undertaken involves experimenting with paint and other mediums in an Abstract Expressionist style; scale, form, materiality are all central to her work. This process is risk taking and involves physical interaction to take place between the paint, canvas and herself.

Questioning the concepts of composition has also led her to a consideration of exposition. Where do landscape images belong, if not in the landscape?

NUA group exhibition at Cley 16
Selected for nca16
Presented Pecha Kulcha at "Language, Landscape and the Sublime" at Darlington Hall, Devon